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November 14, 2016

ETU partners with Seasoned Educator Bob Prins CPLP for Building Simulations at Scale

As EmpowerTheUser expands in the US, we are delighted to welcome to the team, the extremely qualified enterprise learning and development professional, Bob Prins. Bob joins EmpowerTheUser with more than 25 years experience designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating enterprise assessment and training programs.

BobPrins.jpgBob Prins CPLP

Bob’s previous position, as the Director of Farmers Insurance Companys’ University for Field Training, saw him heading the division that designed and implemented training programs for agents throughout the Eastern United States. He was responsible for overseeing a team of 5 trainers who taught 10 instructor-led courses totaling approximately 100 classes delivered per year (on campus and at agencies). Bob used a variety of methodologies covering an assortment of skill-sets including traditional and nontraditional methods, such as social media, mobile and informal learning, and simulations.

Effective on-boarding is critical to ensure post-hire value

Bob has seamlessly integrated with the EmpowerTheUser team and will specifically focus on creating Simulations for ETU’s customers in the sales and on-boarding space. Inefficient or failed on-boarding of employees can have a significant impact on both direct and indirect costs.

In the field of sales, the business implications of inefficient on-boarding are significantly amplified. Consider the following:


By identifying, monitoring and training skills and knowledge gaps in a standardized, experiential data-driven approach EmpowerTheUser enables clients and partners to increase both retention rates and crucially, improve productivity of new employees.


In-depth Behavioral Analytics for Precision Training

EmpowerTheUser are uniquely skilled in listening to the the business needs as articulated by our customers and partners and we feed these precise business requirements into the process of building our Simulations. In so doing we are ideally positioned to place learners in realistic, immersive and business relevant Simulations, which in turn leverage ETU’s propriety branching patterns and extensive behavioral analytical features. EmpowerTheuser gathers data as learners make complex decisions using a combination of soft skills, procedural skills and industry knowledge. Every decision made is automatically tracked, measured, analyzed and correlated in real time to the key skills and behaviors identified as critical to the business.


EmpowerTheUser and Bob will work closely with our customers to develop engaging Simulations which will gather intelligent data that can be used to inform future allocation of resources, reinforce proven methodologies, correct sub-optimal behaviors and skills and add value to our clients’ bottom line.


Welcome on-board Bob!