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December 14, 2016

EmpowerTheUser showcases  Video Simulations at the Huawei / ADAPT Center event “Watch! Video Everywhere”


Watch! Video Everywhere - Science Centre, Trinity College Dublin. L-R Frederic Herrera, VbO; Prof. Frank Boland, Thrive; Derek Collins, Huawei; Philippe Brodeur, Overcasthq; Dr. Declan Dagger, EmpowerThe User; Gavin Kelly, Piranhabar and from Huawei Mr. Hu Xiaoqing and Mr. He Xiaoxiang  

HUAWEI the Chinese giant in global networking and telecommunications equipment and services , worked with ADAPT Research & Development to showcase the future of multimodal technologies such as audio, video, image and AR/VR. The event “Watch! Video Everywhere” ershowcased the ground-breaking work that is taking place in visual technology at the ADAPT Research Centre led by Trinity College Dublin.


EmpowerTheUser CEO, Dr Declan Dagger was proud to accept the request to speak, given his close ties to Trinity College and the decades of award-winning PhD research in the field of learning, analytics, simulation and video.

Video Based Simulations as a Viable Alternative to Traditional Training Methods

Dr. Dagger outlined how video is rapidly becoming a key component in corporate learning programs and how more traditional and passive learning experiences are being phased out. Having long recognised the potential of video EmpowerTheUser has harnessed its power to provide engaging, fully immersive simulations for work based training and assessment. By deploying video based 
simulations as a viable alternative  to traditional time-consuming training methods, organizations can now deliver job relevant and data driven learning experiences at scale to global audiences, facilitating the rapid transfer of learning while dramatically reducing seat time.


EmpowerTheUser provides an award winning cloud based platform for the rapid creation and delivery of simulations in the areas of:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • On-Boarding
  • Compliance & Risk
  • Leadership & Management
  • Sales & Management
  • CPE & Accreditation




L-R: Dr. Declan Dagger - CEO, EmpowerTheUser
Derek Collins - Director of Industry Engagement, Technology Strategy & Collaboration, Huawei Ireland.

ETU Empowering Learners to Develop Transversal Skills

Unlike rote learning, which focuses on knowledge acquisition, roleplay simulation using video or experiential learning focuses on knowledge application and skill development, i.e. learning by doing. EmpowerTheUser embraces this philosophy of skills based learning rather than content heavy didactic approaches, thus promoting higher order learning like synthesizing, analyzing, and evaluating concepts, processes, procedures and principles. ETU empowers learners to develop the transversal skills required to face not only current challenges but also be adaptable to future challenges.

Learners are placed in realistic, immersive and business relevant scenarios, by leveraging ETU’s proprietary branching patterns and extensive behavioral analytics features, they make complex decisions using a combination of soft skills and compliance related policy knowledge.

Key EmpowerTheUser Metrics Include:

  • 350% reduction in build time
  • 300% reduction in seat time
  • Big data analytics to inform decisions and precision interventions
  • Decrease the need for classroom based learning

This event, “Watch! Video Everywhere”  provided an ideal opportunity to introduce industry giant Huawei to the academic expertise available in the multimodal area along with the vibrant business community of Dublin, no more succinctly embodied than with EmpowerTheUser. We would like to thank the organizers at The ADAPT center and of course the representatives from HUAWEI for the opportunity.

For a vide of the event please click here: Watch! Video Everywhere