May 28, 2014
Home / 3 Reasons Why Role Play Training Works


As one of the most effective learning methods, Role Play Training is widely used in different types of training such as educational, leadership and soft skills development. It especially works well in employee development. For example, Sales Development Training where learners can practice scenarios such as objection handling, and for Customer Service teams where Role Play Training can help with customer complaint management. The reason why Role Play Training is still very popular is because it works. Here are 3 main reasons:

1. Focused and relevant to business challenges. Role Play Training Scenarios should be focused on the business challenges of the organization. Challenging learners with real-world situations relevant to the industry, with everyday scenarios, will ensure they are highly focused on solving actual business issues.

2. Highly engaging Learners are immersed in real life scenarios and potentially playing out a scenario that they face every day at work. This level of engagement ensures the learning becomes highly effective.

3. Efficient Transfer of learning is very high. Learners have the opportunity to apply their soft skills and knowledge practically and learn from it. This ensures the whole learning cycle becomes efficient. If you are interested in simulated and gamified Role Play Training methods, please CONTACT US today.