May 19, 2017
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Personalized learning has become one of the most talked-about strategies in training today. Moving on from traditional classroom based training it is clear that global organizations are quickly embracing the philosophy behind personalized learning as an ideal way to engage and effectively train a younger workforce. In it's simplest form personalized learning is the philosophy that every learner is unique and learning should be correctly tailored to meet every learner's interest, needs and challenges.

As the workforce becomes increasingly young, the difficulties of training millennials become even more pronounced and business critical. Millennials have embraced the ever changing world of advancing technologies, and worth considering is that millennials have potentially spent as much time communicating using technology than in person. Traditional formal talent development models simply do not resonate with how millennials prefer to learn today.


Personalized Training Prioritizes Competencies

above Seat Time

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This is where personalized learning using Simulations plays a vital role. Personalized learning focuses on helping each learner progress through a given curriculum at their own pace with while assisting each learner based on their choices and their particular chosen path through the actual training. Simulation based training is a more interesting and engaging form of training for millennials. Personalized learning, therefore can shift from measuring seat time undertaken in a traditional environment to a focus instead on actual competencies mastered.


Empowering Learners to Take Ownership of their Learning

Simulation based learning is an ideal platform to engage millennials while also providing personalized learning for maximum benefit. When real life job relevant scenarios and challenges are presented in an immersive environment, that simulates what employees typically face on the job, it serves as an effective strategy to measure and boost performance.


EmpowerTheUser Simulations are built using ETU’s unique platform which has fully integrated the methodologies of personalized learning. Learners are placed in realistic, immersive and business relevant scenarios. Leveraging ETU’s proprietary branching patterns and extensive behavioral analytic features learners make complex decisions using a combination of soft skills, procedural skills and knowledge related to the specific organization. Every user decision is tracked, measured, analyzed and correlated in real time to the skills and behaviors identified as critical to the business. Using ETU’s Talent Analytics unique stealth assessment capabilities, users are measured based on their particular choices with personalized reports upon completion outlining their own particular strengths and weaknesses. In addition to visual reports EmpowerTheUser’s simulations provide adaptive interpretation of results enabling the learner, in this case millennials, to interpret their own results. Personalizing learning to every individual learner, satisfying both millennials and employers.


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