March 16, 2017
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More than 33.1 million Americans claim Irish descent. EmpowerTheUser proudly represents the deep cultural and economic ties based on a common ancestral heritage that bind the USA and Ireland


The U.S. and Ireland have always shared strong bilateral relations, deep cultural ties, and a commitment to positive change in the world. The industry, creativity, and imagination of Irish Americans have enriched every facet of American society. Nineteen Presidents of the United States have claimed Irish heritage and one-third to one-half of the American troops during the Revolutionary War and at least 8 of the 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence were Irish Americans.


March 17 is the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint, the cleric Patrick (386–461), in the Catholic liturgical calendar and a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, and in Northern Ireland. But it is celebrated informally worldwide by people of every ethnic background. Nowadays, St. Patrick’s Day parades are wildly popular, even in areas without any sizeable Irish-American population, and tend to take on a regional flavour. Chicago dyes its rivers green on parade day; other cities settle for painting green the traffic stripes on parade routes. The largest parades are held in Dublin (Ireland), New York City, Montreal, and Boston. 



This St. Patrick's Day, 2017, Taoiseach Enda Kenny will fulfill the time honoured tradition of presenting a bowl of shamrock, the national emblem of Ireland, to President Trump. As part of this visit to the USA Taoiseach Kenny sought to cement and honour Irish enterprises and maintain the historically strong links between the Irish and American peoples.


Meeting of the Kennys: Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Austin Kenny
from EmpowerTheUser admiring
EmpowerTheUser’s Brandon Hall Gold and Silver Awards for Excellence in Tehnology




As part of this visit Austin Kenny, VP of Global Sales at EmpowerTheUser took the opportunity to introduce Taoiseach Kenny to EmpowerTheUser and explain to him the advantages that simulations at scale have for workplace assessment and training.


Taoiseach Kenny always keen to learn about successful Irish enterprises in the USA was delighted and extremely interested to learn how ETU partners with some of the world’s largest organizations to deliver immersive simulations at scale across recruitment, selection, risk compliance, on-boarding, leadership, sales management and customer success. ETU’s award winning simulations are extensively proven to increase learner engagement, reduce development costs and enable data-driven business and HR decisions. 


Learners are placed in realistic, immersive and business relevant scenarios. Leveraging ETU's proprietary branching patterns and extensive behavioral analytic features they make complex decisions using a combination of soft skills, procedural skills and compliance related policy knowledge.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about EmpowerTheUser's Simulations and growing footprint in the U.S. 


Article written with thanks to U.S. Embassy in Ireland


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